Friday, April 24, 2009

An American Girl

My mom, Hannah and I went on our first trip to the American Girl store. We were in Dallas for a couple of a days for a meeting and decided to go the store and bistro. We surprised Hannah with the trip there and she was thrilled. If you have never been, it is very cute and fun but it is also a little pricey. I conveniently forgot my wallet on our trip so my mom saved the day and used her credit card. Can you imagine if I would have taken Hannah there, picked out some things and then had to say "just kidding those dolls weren't for sale." Luckily, I didn't have to do that because my mom saved the day as always!


Kellie said...

Great pictures! Your mom (and you and Hannah!) looks terrific.

I didn't realize there was an AG in Dallas.

When are you coming to NC?

liasmomma said...

American Girl is SO FUN!!! I think maybe Hannah has the same doll as Lia. Is it one of the "Just Like You" dolls? I wish we could all get together soon so the girls could see each other again!


Cindy Cates said...

Mom to the rescue!! I'm sad that I missed the trip but am looking forward to the tea on Sunday.

Karen said...

oh wow. Hi from Pine Cove New Year's. I just ran into your blog looking at another one. I just got into blogs and am having fun. Loved your pictures of your sweet family. Best, KAren May