Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back to school

Well, this week has been filled with many new things for the Gochis family. I started my new job at Extraco Bank this week. It was great to get settled in with my job. Andrew started football practice. His team is the longhorns. For such an Aggie fan this might prove a little complicated. Since we have moved to Waco though I have seen him wearing more Baylor shirts than A&M shirts so who knows :) We are waiting to get a schedule for his games. He can't wait to play with new friends. Jacob will start flag football practice next week. This will be his first venture into football. Last year he played soccer and tball. Hannah is going to take gymnastics at her school and dance at a local studio. Her favorite thing to do is watch Hannah Montana and sing and dance along so I think this will be a good match.
The boys had a back to school open house on Thursday night. I really like the school they will be attending, Woodway Elementary. Both their teachers are great and the boys are looking forward to their first day. Andrew's teacher is an Aggie so he loves her already!
Looks like work is almost finished at the house. We had the floors replaced downstairs. We also had some rooms painted and part of the kitchen redone. It has been a busy month and we are looking forward to settling down soon!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Officially a Wacoan

After a long trip to Waco (6 hours-thanks to a wreck on I-35) we are trying to settle in. The moving van left at 4pm yesterday. Now is the fun job of unpacking. Thank goodness my mom and dad are able to help! Rich had to go back to work today so I get to decide where everything is going to go. My sister, Cindy, has volunteered to take the boys to get their school supplies so that is one thing to cross of my list. Next Wednesday is meet the teacher night at their new school and we are all looking forward to meeting everyone.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

new home

It's been awhile due to so many things going on. There is a lot of work to get done with selling a house and buying one as well. The great news is is that we closed on our house in Woodway on Monday. That night we got an offer on our house in San Antonio. I think God knew how stressed I was about making 2 house payments :) We will close on the house in San Antonio on the 31st.

Rich has started his job at Baylor and loves it. He and Andrew have especially enjoyed the pool at the Student Life Center where his office is located. Rich and the kids are staying with my parents while I wrap things up down here. It is great for the kids to have grandma and papa to play with. The boys have also made friends with some boys across the street.
I think we will officially claim Waco as our home on the 20th when I start my new job at Extraco Bank. I know this month is going to go by quickly! We are all looking forward to our annual beach trip to the Texas coast with my parents and sister.