Monday, November 10, 2008

Costume Crazy!

I am way behind on pretty much everything....letters, reading, phone calls, work, emails....everything. I am actually becoming very comfortable in being behind. I even feel like posting Halloween pictures a week and a half after Halloween is early! :)

Here are the kiddos....Hannah was Fancy Nancy, Jacob was Indiana Jones and Andrew threw on some of Rich's military stuff and was actually a pretty convincing Army Man.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Blogging Absence

Hello All,

Although this may not seem like the truth, I am really not in a competition for the worst blogger in the world. I have been overtaken by Fall events for the kids lately. I have been in high gear craft activity with Halloween costumes, school projects, and other fall activities. Over the next posts, I will posts some of these activities so I can feel justified in my non-blogging!

Froggy-Frogilina....Storybook Pumpkin Contest.

Below are Jacob and Hannah's entries in the Storybook Pumpkin Contest at school. They entered in the sibling category and entered Froggy and Frogilina because they both love the Froggy series. Jacob has kind of outgrown Froggy but at one point had several of the books completely committed to memory. Jacob and Hannah won first place in the sibling division which was fun for both of them. They did share their ribbon with me which I thought was nice!