Sunday, July 6, 2008


I once heard a speaker talk about God-incidences in our lives. She said that when many things in our lives happen we tend to call them coincidences or fate. She asked why we considered them coincidences when they were obviously signs of a God that cared enough to manage the details of our lives. Well, today our family had a Godincidence.

Today Rich and I drove Drew to Pine Cove for a 6 day camp. If any of you know Andrew, you will know that new things are not his favorite. He actually hates transitions/change of any kind. And true to form, today he decided he didn't want to go to Pine Cove. To top it off he was gong to the one in Tyler versus the one in Columbus which then led him to tell us that if he was going to the one in Columbus he would be more likely to see friends from San Antonio, etc. etc. etc. He actually looked a little miserable as we drove in to the camp. Then, as we got out of our car, a precious girl from our church in San Antonio ran over to say hi. We love this girl and her family and had no idea that she was a counselor at Pine Cove. This in fact was her first week there. Andrew was so excited to see her. Rich and I were thrilled that she was there and because of all the little details that had happened it was clear that we were experiencing a Godincidence. :)
The other miracle of the day was that I was able to leave Drew at the camp. It was not very easy but I know that he is in His hands and will experience a great week!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day. We had a great day yesterday celebrating the 4th and being thankful for our freedoms.....

Freedom to vote

Freedom of speech

Freedom to practice our faith

AND freedom to post a 4th of July post on the 5th of July! :)