Friday, October 26, 2007

So it's been awhile...

Sorry to take so long on posting. Getting 3 kids, 1 husband, and 1 dog settled in a new home and new city takes some time. I am very glad to report that we are getting towards the settled part with baby steps every day.

Rich and I are both enjoying our new jobs. It is great to take less than 30 mins. to get to work even with taking the kids to school. We have our system worked out to Rich taking Hannah on his was to Baylor and I take the boys on my way to the bank. I love being able to zip around town and we have even been able to meet for lunch several times.

Andrew is loving 4th grade. He and his teacher share their Aggie love and he has enjoyed doing his best for her. He likes playing tackle football and hasn't missed a game yet. We all have team tshirt now which makes him so proud. He and my dad continue their weekly outings to Target and Game Zone. Bet my dad didn't realize how busy we would keep him when we moved here!

Jacob continues to love school and loves to socialize. He is great a telling stories with lots of details and expressions. Tonight is his last flag football game. We are having the team celebration at the house, our first event at the new place. He has made great friends with the kids on his team. It was fun to watch him get better each week.

Hannah as cute as ever. She has more activities than the boys with gymnastics and dance each week. She loves showing off her new "moves" and cheering the boys on at their games. My mom picks her up from school in the afternoon and that has been perfect.

We had a great visit from Rich's parents a few weeks ago. They were able to come down from Kansas and see the boys at their games which was wonderful. We shared some fun time outside on the deck. We love having them visit. I also bought a new camera (after spilling Gatorade on our old one, go figure) and camcorder so I look forward to posting more pics. We are all looking forward to Baylor Homecoming next week and are hoping for a BIG win over K-State.